Kristianstads Nations Vänner

Kristianstads Nations Vänner (Friends of Kristianstads Nation), KNV, is an association that brings together both current students and alumni in the same association, and organizes various events every year where you get the opportunity to meet new and old friends, network and, above all, have great fun together!

How do you join KNV? Well, it's both easy to do and completely free! Use the button below and fill in your details. This way, we can send you relevant information in the future when something fun happens with KNV, such as the crayfish party, Snappis or the KNV-day.


What you get from being a member:

  • News releases on what's going on at the nation

  • Possibility to participate in various Nation projects, such as the building of the new houses, choose what projects the KNV's project grants will go to, and support the nation in major purchases and investments.

  • Invitations to Snappis, where everyone who has something to say about what it "used to be like" will talk like never before. You’re also invited to participate at a special KNV pre-drink which is a pure delight for the taste buds.

  • Invitations to the annual crayfish party that usually happens at the end of the summer with a lot of activities and a grand buffet.

  • Invitation to KNV's annual meeting! Think coffee, cake and some decisions.

  • Opportunity to attend the annual Christmas party at Kristianstads Nation, it is cozy with Christmas and stuff.

  • Join us on visits to the Nation's subsidiaries in Kristianstad and Copenhagen, to see how göingar in other cities party!

  • And of course many other activities!

Feel free to join KNV's facebook group where we also post information, events and pictures.





Tornavagen 7, 223 63 Lund, Sweden

046 - 14 80 18​

Opening hours:

Wednesday 4-5 PM

: Mon, Tue 11-13, Wedn 11-13 & 17-19, Thu 15-17, Fri 11-13

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