Snapphanefesten 2020


Snapphanefesten is Kristianstads Nations annual ball which is held in the honor of His Majesty Ursnapphanen. It's always a magical weekend and one of the years highlights for Kristianstads Nation. 

The ball weekend occurs the 28/2 - 1/3 and is composed of several events. These events are the snappissittning, Snapphanefesten, ordenskapitlet and frokostbevaegelsen.


The snappissittning

The snappissittning is a sittning which befalls the 28/2. It's a three course meal held at the nation and it's primarily visited by Kristianstads Nations friend nations. The sittning is a delightful event and can be seen as a warm up for the ball.

Dresscode: dark suit

Price: 150 kr


Snapphanefesten is the grandiose ball which takes place the 29/2 at AF-borgens café Athen. The ball is a wonderful banquet accompanied by speeches, singing and high quality entertainment. When the dinner is over, the rest of AF-borgen opens up and invites to dance. There are both live bands and DJs and the option of more traditional ballroom dancing as well as modern dance. Later at night there is the possibility to attend the sexa. A sexa is a lighter, but still very tasteful, meal and will be served at 02:00.

Dress code: full evening dress

Price, the ball: 795 kr for students, 895 kr for alumni

Price, sexa: 90 kr


Before Snapphanefesten the solemn ordenskapitel will occur. This is the medal service where those eligible and who wants are presented their medals. Ordenskapitlet follows old traditions and formal rules. This is a ceremony unlike anything else, and is very entertaining despite the strict form.

Scandinavian frokostbevaegelse

The Scandinavian frokostbevaegelsen is the brunch which is served the day after the ball, and is hosted at the Nation. The frokostbevaegelse is a varied and savory buffé which is often very appreciated the day after a ball. 

Dress code: free

Price 90 kr

Last day to register is the 13/2.

If you have questions concerning Snapphanefesten, contact expen at or the marshal at


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