The Quratel is the nation’s highest executive body and consist of six people at Kristianstads Nation. Two out of these six people work full-time at the nation, and these two are the Qurator and ProQurator Economics. Both have taken a year of study leave in order to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the nation. The remaining four members of the Quratel works part-time, meaning that they manage their positions while studying. ProQurator Social, PR-Chef Källarmästare, and the Notarie work part-time at the nation.


Qurator q@krnation.se – Hugo Lantz
The Qurator is ultimately responsible for the nation’s activities. The Qurator is the nation’s face internally, as well as externally, and represents the nation at various events.


ProQurator Ekonomi pqe@krnation.se – Simon Starbrant
ProQurator Economy manages the economy of the nation. The tasks of the PQe consist of counting all the pennies, manage the accounts, make budgets, as well as paying all the bills. PQe is also stand-in for the Qurator when needed.


ProQurator Social pqs@krnation.se – Jenny Olsson
ProQurator Social is responsible for the nation’s activities and makes sure that the daily work is running smoothly. This includes ensuring that all activities have the materials they need to function. The PQs is also responsible for formen and their workers, and to make sure that they have the best time possible when working at the nation.


PR-chef pr@krnation.se – Ambre Andriamanana
The PR-manager is responsible for all external communication, various marketing activities and leading the PR-committee.

Notary notarie@krnation.se – Mathilda Wiklund
The Notary is responsible for the internal communication and the administration within the nation.


Källarmästare km@krnation.se – Victor Johnsson
The Källarmästare makes sure that bar activities run smoothly. Bar equipment also fall within his responsibilities.


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