Every Friday our venue, Gillis, is decorated for a first-class feast meal with friends. Perfect if you have something to celebrate, or just want a warm-up before a night out!

The wardrobe opens at 19.00 and then it’s time to mingle with a drink until the starter is served. 

Contact  if you are interested in one of our sittnings!

RENT OUR VENUE & special parties

Do you have a more specific event in mind such as a celebration, a concert, a private club or something else? Then you can rent our venue another day!

Write an email to and we will offer you dates and price!


Extra Information

Usually the seats are fully booked several weeks ahead, so contact us early!

Don’t be late at the sittning since then you’ll miss the courses that have already been served and will not be compensated for them.


Tornavagen 7, 223 63 Lund, Sweden

046 - 14 80 18​

Opening hours:

Wednesday 4-5 PM

: Mon, Tue 11-13, Wedn 11-13 & 17-19, Thu 15-17, Fri 11-13

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