The House Board is Kristianstads Nation's Studenthouse highest decision-making body, laying out rules and policies and overseeing the work of the houseforeman and the house treasurer. 


The board consists of five representatives for the organisation Kristianstads nation's studenthouse (KNS), and four representatives for the tenants. The tenants also have three substitutes accredited to the board. 

Representatives for KNS:

Inspector Jan Eric Larsson, chairman

Proinspector Ola Troedsson, vice chairman

Houseforeman Alva Widell

House treasurer Dennis Olsson

House notary (vacant)

Representatives for the tenants:

Qurator Petter Hallin, Kristianstads nation

William Bronge, corridor 1N

Herman Alklint, corridor 1S

Anton Strömberg, corridor 2N

Olivia Sjöberg, corridor 2S

Elin Söder, corridor 3N

Emma Hägvall, corridor 3S


KNS is a non-profit organisation owned by students, for students. Our goal and mission is found in the house statutes, which states that we should provide suitable housing for Kristianstads nation's member and also provide premises for the nation itself. It is only Kristianstads nation's nationmeeting whom can change our statutes. 

You can find our statutes here:


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: Mon, Tue 11-13, Wedn 11-13 & 17-19, Thu 15-17, Fri 11-13

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