You can always come to our Nation, to hang out, attend an event or even work at one of our activities, whatever Nation you are affiliated with! However, being a member and involved at the Nation has a lot of benefits. Discover what it means to get in our family!


When entering our Nation, you can choose to involve at different degrees: becoming a member who enjoys our special offers, involving as a worker to work during some of our events, whenever you want, or as a forman if you wish to have more responsibilities and get to work more thoroughly with one specific project. But whatever you choose, everybody is welcome and we make sure that everybody voice is heard, equally :) 

  • 10% off on all food & drink at our Pub, Lunch & Bar!

  • Possibility of accomodation

  • Possibility of borrowing the venue for activities

  • Access to our Volleyball court



  • Points to get accomodation

  • 1 Food ticket each time you work with us

  • Thank you party

  • Free food (if food is served), sodas & candies when you work 

  • Access to our pool & sauna when you have special events with your formen

And of course, the benefits of being a member if you are one!


  • 1 Food ticket each time you host an event or work for another forman

  • Green card = free access to nations' clubs in Lund

  • Thank you partys

  • Free food (if food is served), sodas & candies when you work an event or work for another forman

  • Access to our sauna

  • Training

  • Points to keep your accomodation at Kristianstad

  • Forman trip: a week-end all included when you get to meet all the other formen and have fun together!

And of course, the benefits of being a member!



Follow the steps!

1. Become a studentlund member at

For that you will need your registrations number (LU-XXXX) which you can find at your letter of admission at Lund University Read more about studentlund >

2. Come to Kristianstads Nation, Tornavägen 7 (the house with dotted balconies!)!

During the first weeks of the semester, you can come to our main room, our kind foremen will help you register. They will offer you “fika” and you can ask them anything about being a student in Lund. If you want to register later during the semester, you are welcome to come to the nation during office hours, and the quratel will help you. Don’t forget your letter of acceptance and personal identification.

Enrollment opening hours

13 January - 9 February
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-18:00. Wednesday 10:00-19:00

Outside of these dates you are welcome to enroll during the office opening hours.


You would like to become a forman? Nominate yourself!

Want to become a worker? Fill in the following form and we'll get back to you! And to make sure you don't miss any opportunities, sign up in our workers FB group :)!


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