Our foremen and masters are responsible of a committee at the Nation. From bar to IT, there is a post to suit any personality. As a foreman, you also get to get into the nicest crew in Lund with special benefits and activities!  


If you want to become a foreman our nominations are now open! Nominate yourself or your friend!

Would you rather help out here and there? Then being a worker might suits you, you will also get rewards but especially get into the shiniest community in Lund! 



Lunch & Bakery

Bakery and Lunch comittee if for those who like baking and cooking! It's the perfect way to hang out while creating something concrete... When you share food, you also share memories ;)

The team: 1 master, lunch formen, bakery formen 

Workers needed: yes!


Bar is the committee for you who want to work at the bar and become the best ever... or just if you think it might be fun to meet people in front of the bar, and behind!

The team: 1 master, bar formen

Workers needed: yes!


You can't choose between food and drink? Here is the committee for you! You also want to be there if you want to feel the hang out power: from concerts to board games, a lot of other fun things are going to happen!

The team: 1 master,  pubformen

Workers needed: yes!

Night Café Muu

Night Cafe Muu is a super cozy event that is held about once a month. Prepare simple dishes for students on their way home on Saturday night. It is quiet and calm, and serving milk goes with out saying.

The team: Night café forman and workers

Workers needed: yes!



Between the privatised restaurant and a pub full of fun, is the sittning. Once more, if you like food and drink, you have found the right place for you!

The team: 1 master, sittning formen 

Workers needed: yes!


It's the sexmästeriet for those who like to take care of their fellows! Indeed, you will deal with thank-you sittnings, song-book sittnings and the Christmas party.


The team: masters 

Workers needed: yes! 


This committe is almost about everything! You will have the opportunity to deal with special commissioned events, which could range from sittnings to pubs and clubs...

The team: sexmasters

Workers needed: yes!


The ball committee plans and performs our fantastic annual party in the AF-castle which no krischanite forgets as long as it live! Get both a taste of fun and great responsabilities! ;)

 The team: övermarskalk (ball responsible) and ball committee

Workers needed: yes!



Do you love to talk to new people and make them feel welcome? Don't look further, here you'll deal with events and activities for new students! Here, the opportunities to hang out and meet new people are infinite.

The team: Notaire  (Quratel), novish formen, international secretary

Workers needed: sometimes


It is not really a musical, no really a humor show, now really a theater play but a little bit of all of that. Sounds fun? In this family inside the family, you can act, sing or help organising.

The team: Spääx formen, Spääx responsible

Workers needed: yes!


All your ideas are welcome! Fantastic activities with the nation can be a little bit of anything. Everything from game nights to climbing to an art course... Here, we plan, organise and find all the opportunities to hang out and share incredible times!

The team: FAMN formen

Workers needed: sometimes


Sport help people to connect. Do you recognise in that statement? Then join the sporty side of the force! Here, you'll create opportunities to hang out with energy.

The team: sport formen

Workers needed: sometimes



Are you passionate about preserving the environment? Awesome! Help the nation become even better!

The team: environment formen 

Workers needed: exceptionnally

PR & design

Creative souls, here is the committee for you! From social medias to poster design, the tasks vary but it is always about making the Nation shines. And if you're looking to a position that leave you the opportunity to work with all the committees in the Nation, you've just found it!

The team: 1 PR chef (Quratel), design formen, social media forman, communication forman, sponsorship forman, photo forman, webforman

Workers needed: yes!


Some posts are linked direclty to the general running of the Nation.

  • IT forman

  • Gillis (nation's venue) forman

  • Laundry forman

  • Archive forman

  • knv responsible

  • song leader ...

Discover them all >

Yearly Events

Do you like organising events?

Every year, we hold the only Beer fair of Lund! Fun and contacts  are to be expected. Don't you like beer? Involve with tandem instead, to make our participation to the annual Tandem Relay (Tandemstafetten) from Gothenburg to Lund unforgetable :)

The team: event responsibles

Workers needed: yes!



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