There is nothing like good food to bring people together

Every Wednesday at 12:00

Every Wednesday at 12:00, we open our doors to serve a tasty lunch with the best food and drink. Come by to take a break from your day and share the moment out of the rush of the day. We always need a hang out time in our life!

Today’s special also includes coffee and cake costs only SEK 35. Vegetarian options are always available!


Just drop-in!


Just a normal pub and...

Every Wednesday 19:00-00:00

A normal pub Every Wednesday evening at 19 pm, Lund’s best place to hang out opens. You will enjoy good food food and drinks at student-friendly prices. We serve a today’s special, desserts and vegetarian options are always available. We also have a delicious Hamburger menu.

And... You will also enjoy good company! Bring your friends to play boardgames, challenge your neighbouring table to a game of pool or rewrite the story of Swedish soccer over a foosball game. You might also get to enjoy some live band concert, a theater show, a karaoke party and much more... 

New to Lund? Are your friends busy for the evening? Or do you just feel like meeting new faces? Join our friends table! One of our tables is booked for 10 unknown people to gather and share the evening together!



The bar that comes before the club

Every Saturday 19:00-01:00

Don’t like clubbing? Or do you want to have a pre-party packed with activities? Weither your rather "no party" or "pre-party", our Saturday’s Bar is the place for you! 

Every Saturday between 7pm and 1am you will be able to play pool, table football, pinball or just hang at the bar and have a good chat with your friends. During the semester we will even organize some special events with tournaments, live acts, stand-ups, e-sport evenings, incredible drinks, social games  and so on!

Night Café Muu

Any time is time to hang out

Some Friday nights - check our calendar!

Party or home evening? Social or studying night? It does not matter how you choose to spend the night between Friday and Saturday. Between 01:00 and 03:00 on selected Saturday nights, Café Muu serves Lunds best night food. Tennis table and various boardgames are always on site.

Night birds, you've found the cosy branch to land on Friday night.



Tornavagen 7, 223 63 Lund, Sweden

046 - 14 80 18​

Opening hours:

Wednesday 4-5 PM

: Mon, Tue 11-13, Wedn 11-13 & 17-19, Thu 15-17, Fri 11-13

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